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Data Analytics: Top 4 Jobs and Careers .

Data Analytics: Top 4 Jobs and Careers

20 Sep 12:00 By Datasii

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Data Analytics is an evolving and fast-growing field. Therefore, so are the careers within it. So, what are the types of roles that one can transition to when it comes to Data Analytics? While the answer is not strict and compartmentalized, Rohit Sharma, Program Director for UpGrad and IIIT Bangalore's Data Analytics Program, tries to chalk out the various roles that exist in the industry, that you can skill yourself for and transition to. What does it take to be a Data Engineer, a Data Analyst, a Data Visualiser/Business Intelligence Professional or a Data Scientist? If you've found yourself wondering or considering these roles - moreover, if you are an IT professional wondering what will become of your career after IT - then you need to watch this video now and get accustomed to the main roles that exist within the space.