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Let's shape the future of tech. Together.

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Who we are

We help tech startups and scaleups grow, get funded and ultimately become industry game-changers by finding them top-tier marketing and product Growth specialists.

Great Growth specialists are rare as there are significantly more tech startups than there are individuals who can truly grow them, so it is our job to find these high-performers, wherever they are around the world. You can keep track of our global network through this link!

Our mission is to be the go-to destination for startups and scaleups to find Growth talent and for Growth talent to find a company that they can help build into the next unicorn. 

By doing this, we can create a future where innovators of technology can easily and readily share their creations with the people that need them, anywhere in the world.

​So let's all shape the future of tech. Together.

Meet Our Team