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About .

Our Vision

Create a future where innovators of technology can easily and readily share their creations with the people that need them, anywhere in the world.

Mission Statement

To support tech startups and scaleups that want to bend the needle and disrupt industries by being their go-to destination for Growth talent, and for Growth talent to find a company that they can help build into the next unicorn.

What We Do & Why We Do It

The world is in the midst of the tech revolution and the global startup ecosystem is the strongest it has ever been, with more funding flowing through to brilliant entrepreneurs with big ideas building game-changing products than ever before.

So, we are doing our bit to shape the future of tech by helping tech startups and scaleups grow, get funded and ultimately become industry game-changers by finding them top-tier Growth specialists in Australia and Singapore.

Great Growth specialists are rare and there are significantly more tech startups and scaleups than there are individuals who can truly grow those companies, so it's our job, all day, every day to find these high-performers, wherever they are in the world.

We have curated a network of Growth talent from Australia, Asia, the Middle East through to Europe and North America. Click here to keep track of our network of Growth talent across the globe!

Key Roles We Cover

  • Head of Growth

  • Growth Hacker

  • Growth Marketer

  • Product Growth

  • Performance Marketer/Manager.

How we can help you

  • Our specialisation isn't just an area we service. It's something we actually have a deep interest in, which means we put the time and effort into continually researching and educating ourselves. As a customer, expect us to talk your language and have and understanding of how we can help.

  • Our unique transparent service delivery model ensures that you know exactly what we will do for you step by step, how much it will cost and what value you will receive as a customer.

  • Once we have solved the customer's career or hiring needs, we don't stop there. Our comprehensive post placement review process ensures that both the employer and candidate fully understands their suitability with one another, the team fit, long term prospects and overall performance.

The Datasii Values

Transparency drives informed decisions - The vision of our business is to help you make fulfilling decisions every day. We provide information that will enable you to do this.

We’re all entrepreneurs - We empower people to be audacious, to challenge the status quo and to take ownership over their decisions. This means you will work with people who all have a vested interest in your success.

Partner with the customer and never bullsh*t - A winning relationship is achieved through a high level of trust, honesty, communication and empathy. Know that you will be challenged by us to get to the next level, and we expect the same from you.

Thirst for learning - We emphasise the importance of knowing what you recruit for and what you do. This is achieved through courses, certificates, training, mentoring and self-education for our team. You can rely on us to understand what you need.

We’re resilient - We believe that there is a correlation between success and the ability to overcome adversity. Solving your problems helps us grow.

It’s all about the long term - “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. We take a macro view of our partnerships and work tirelessly to ensure that the building blocks are in place.

Laugh and be grateful - We love what we do and we’re so grateful to be in the position to make an impact in people’s lives. When things get tough, sometimes we need to take a step back, take a deep breath and enjoy what we have.