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How to become a Data Analyst .

How to become a Data Analyst

06 Aug 18:00 By Datasii

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How to become a Data Analyst is one of the most asked Career Transition Questions. Transitioning to the field of Data Analytics may not sound easy to do - given the nature of the career and how highly technical the domain is. But we bring to you a plan that will make the transition as smooth as possible. In the 3rd Data Analytics video of the UpGrad Careers-In-Shorts Series, Rohit Sharma, Director of the UpGrad and IIIT-Bangalore PG Diploma Program, explains here how you can make a transition (from various backgrounds) into Data Analytics. Whether you're a fresher or someone with a non-technical background; whether you already come from a technical background and just need some additional skills or even if you come with some consulting experience; this is the video for you.