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Peter Duong .

Peter Duong

Why I'm Here

I’m grateful for the journey I’ve had and the lessons learnt that have led me here. My parents arrived in Australia with not very much, to seek opportunity and freedom from a post-war Vietnam. They worked in laborious jobs to open doors and a world full of possibilities for my brothers and me; something that was lacking for them.

That’s why I take it upon myself to pass on the opportunities they gave me by making my own contribution to society, and that is through helping people.

That is why I’m here with Datasii. I’m driven to provide a springboard for people to leap into the next phase of their Growth careers, one that gives them a sense of success and fulfilment by working in a culture and environment that drives them and by the same token, giving them the opportunity to build the next tech unicorn. I want to solve problems for people and organisations. By combining these aspects, we can create opportunities for one another.

Away from the computer/laptop, I like to be outdoors and explore new places, try new food with my wife and friends, swim (I find nothing clears the head better than being in my own world underwater, lap after lap), watching F1 and learning - be it books, podcasts or courses.



Peter Duong